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God of War how to successfully beat the Queen of Valkyries Sigrun, the ultimate boss of the game


Once you have opened all of Odin’s hidden rooms in God of War, you will have to go to the Midgard Valkyries Council or you will have to lay down all the Valkyries helmets you have collected during your journey. It is then that a Realm Tears will appear in the center of the council of Valkyries… And the real fight will begin ! You will face the Queen of Valkyries, Sigrun, the most powerful of all and the ultimate boss of God of War.

If you want to have a chance to win, you’ll need to have an extremely well prepared Kratos equipped with the best armor in the game that you’ll have to upgrade to the maximum to take as little damage as possible.

If you don’t have the best armor in the game, then start there, you will have all the indications about it on this page :

Sigrun, the queen of the Valkyries borrows all the techniques of her sisters, you will have to learn to react quickly to her attacks that come from everywhere. If you have trouble defeating it, simply follow our guide below which will bring you valuable advice and which will certainly be beneficial for you to win against God of War’s most powerful boss.

God of War’s ultimate boss guide : how to win against the Queen of Valkyries Sigrun :

First of all, you should know that in addition to obtaining awards at the end of the fight and the trophy « Chooser of the Slain », you will also obtain important information about one of the protagonists of the game and which will certainly have its importance in the next adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus.

Combat Readiness :

Below, we will talk about the equipment we recommend knowing that this game is totally optional, you can quite win the fight using your own runic attacks, so if you are not comfortable with these equipments make sure you choose those that suit your way of playing and that you master the best. 

Here is what we recommend for this fight :

Armor to equip for Kratos :

  • Ivaldi’s Pauldron of Deadly Mist (level 8)
  • Ivaldi’s Gauntlets of Deadly Mist (level 8)
  • Ivaldi’s War Belt of Deadly Mist (level 8)
  • Aegir’s Protection with Two Epic Enchantments

Weapons and runic attacks :

  • Leviathan Axe (level 6)
  • Light Runic attack Njord’s Tempest (level 3)
  • Heavy runic attack Frost Giant’s Frenzy (level 3)
  • Axe Pommel Mistbourne (level 8)

And :

  • Chaos Blades (level 5)
  • Light Runic attack Spartan Charge (level 3)
  • Heavy runic attack Tartarus Rage (level 3)
  • Blades Pommel Grips of the Valkyrie (level 8)

Atreus must use the Rune Summon Wrath of the Wolf level 3 and equipped with one of his legendary armor. We finished the fight with the legendary Sharpshooter Garb. Remember to always use Atreus well during the fight which will be of great help.

Remember to activate all the battle skills of Kratos and Atreus. Learn all the skills of the Leviathan axe, the shield and the blades of chaos. Note that the latest Chaos Blades skills will improve Kratos statistics, you can win 10 in strength, 10 in luck and 10 in runic.

The strategy to easily beat Queen Valkyrie Sigrun :

First, make sure you arrive in front of Sigrun with your rage bar full. This will allow you to activate it before the Kratos life bar reaches zero. This is very important ! Do not neglect the advantage that the rage bar offers you. It is highly recommended that you also carry a legendary Berserker Resurrection Stone. It will allow you to have a second rage gauge if Kratos falls in combat.

Do not rush during this fight, you will beat Sigrun at endurance and not on speed. If you run at her without thinking you will not remove more than half of her life bar before you finish with her terrible VALHALLA attack. Always observe her movements while keeping a reasonable distance with her, what works well is to stay at the edge of the battle arena and wait for her to run at you to trap her in a corner.

As soon as your Aegir protection is ready, remember to use it with L1 + O, a circle will appear under Kratos, stay in the circle and you will regain many health points ! Speaking of restoring health, the Valkyrie Sigrun will release many healing flasks during the fight, as soon as you see an opening, pick them up !

When you hit Sigrun with your runic attacks, make sure that she is dizzy to chain your attacks without interrupting you. If your runic attack has not made her dizzy, then immediately stop your attack and raise your shield, because it will attack at the same time as you and you will see your life bar go down by half in a few seconds. Never forget that as long as Sigrun is not dizzy, she can inflict many damages on you while you attack her.

→ Learn to decipher the patterns’ codes, if Sigrun flies away and a red circle appears on her face, she’s about to charge you. Dodge this attack or you will find yourself on the ground and lose many life points. It will load several times to sharpen, you just have to roll on the side the moment it loads you. At the last charge, she will be completely at your mercy since she will turn her back on you which will allow you to hit her with a violent runic attack to stun her and take advantage of the moment to inflict many points of damage.

→ If a large red circle appears around her and she charges with her right wing on you, you will not be able to stop this attack with your shield. Take a step on its left side which will show an opening, you will only have to hit it.

→ If Sigrun protects herself with her two wings, you just have to push her back with your shield, she will then be completely disoriented, which will allow you to take advantage of these few seconds to inflict many damages.

→ When Sigrun throws ice projectiles, simply raise your shield. Beware of the last projectile that will be bigger and that you will not be able to block with the shield. Dodge the last shot to the left or right.

→ Be careful with the VALHALLA attack, it is the one that has chances to make you lose the most health points. If a red circle appears on Sigrun and it flies away and disappears from your field of vision, do not wait to react and roll to the side, because it will fall on you and trample you like a larva. Besides if you die because of this attack poor Atreus will not even have time to use the resurrection stone on his father…

→ Also watch out for his attack that adds flames to the ground. Make sure you do not stay in the fire zone otherwise you will lose many life points unnecessarily…

Always remember to spam the arrows with Atreus to make Queen Valkyrie lose extra life points. Also use her runic invocation with the wolves as soon as she is ready, she should stun Sigrun, which will allow you to take advantage of this time to inflict new damage.

It is strongly recommended to save the resurrection stone for the end of the battle. When you remove 90% of Sigrun’s life points, she will go into a mad rage, her eyes will turn yellow, she will be faster, do more damage and will also be incredibly resistant. This is the decisive moment, when you must put into practice everything you have learned from her to avoid her attacks and seek the opening that will allow you to seek this victory over the ultimate boss of God of War.

Good luck ! 


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