Guide Dragon Ball Legend friend codes and QR codes how to summon Shenron dragon


Dragon Ball Legends is celebrating its first year of existence. To mark the occasion, Bandai Namco teams are offering players a time-limited event that brings together the 7 star balls to summon the Shenron dragon and make a wish for exclusive rewards. 

On this page we explain everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Legends Friend Codes, QR Codes and what you need to do to summon the Shenron Dragon. Note that the event that allows Shenron to appear in augmented reality in the Dragon Ball Legends application ends after June 30, 2019.

★ Tip – QR Codes only last 5 minutes after generation, so scan them as best you can. QR codes are also locked by region, if you live in Europe, you will not be able to scan a North American code and vice versa. Think about it if you are looking for codes online.


How to get the star balls to invoke Shenron dragon in Dragon Ball Legends:

A Dragon Radar button will appear on your home screen during the event. Please note that you can only scan the codes four times a day and that it is not guaranteed to get one of the star balls.

Scan a friend’s code:

  • Scan a friend’s code with the Scan button.
  • Then scan the QR Code that has been generated.
  • You will get an random item.

Get your own code:

  • Use the Get Code button to generate your code.
  • Share your Code with all your friends!
  • The codes expire after only 5 minutes.

Call Shenron Dragon:

  • Collect the seven dragon balls to summon Shenron!
  • Check the « Dragon Ball Hunt » screen to see which Dragon Ball you found with your friends’ codes.
  • When you have all the Dragon Balls, all you have to do is summon the Dragon Shenron.

The list of possible rewards:

  • One-Star Ball
  • Two-Star Ball
  • Three-Star Ball
  • Four-Star Ball
  • Five-Star Ball
  • Six-Star Ball
  • Seven-Star Ball
  • Chrono Crystal x300
  • Chrono Crystal X200
  • Chrono Crystal X100

make the shenron dragon appear with the seven dragon ball.


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