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Guide Detroit Become Human how to get the best ending


If you’re playing right now at Detroit Become Human, you must have noticed the astounding number of possible connections in the scenario with three characters who all have a path that differs significantly. With Detroit Become Human, you are the actor of this interactive story, the game allows you to make your own choices, take your own path and puts you in front of perilous situations through dynamic QTEs that can turn everything upside down in less than a minute. This means that your choices and your reactivity according to the situations that arise will determine the end line for Connor, Kara and Markus, the three protagonists that you control throughout the whole story.

The new production of Quantic Dream has a large number of endings. With all the junctions, choices and possibilities, you can very quickly drift towards a bad end if you are not attentive enough. But if you want to get the best ending to the game, we invite you to consult our dedicated guide below. If you have not finished the game a first time, we strongly advise you to do so first before trying to get the best possible ending from Detroit Become Human, as our guide will contain SPOIL. So you continue your reading with full knowledge of the facts !

→ Caution! Once again, from here you will not escape the SPOIL!

Detroit Become Human what are the best choices to get the good ending :

Getting the game’s best ending will unlock the « Survivors » trophy, which consists of surviving a whole list of key characters to the end of the adventure. If you ever lose one of the key characters along the way, we strongly advise you to return to the game’s main menu and ask Chloe to replay the chapter that caused the character’s death. In any case, here is the list of characters that you must keep alive to get the best ending in Detroit Become Human.

  • Alice (the little girl who accompanies Kara)
  • Connor (CyberLife Police’s android)
  • Hank (Connor’s human partner in the deviant investigation)
  • Jerry (the android Kara, Luther and Alice meet at the amusement park)
  • Josh (android who helps Markus in Jericho in the fight against humans)
  • Kara (the android who tries to protect the little girl Alice from the violent father)
  • Luther (the deviant android who accompanies Kara and Alice along the way)
  • Markus (the deviant android who will lead the rebellion for his people)
  • North (Android woman who will support Markus in his rebellion against humans)
  • Simon (android who helps Markus in the fight against humans)

All these beautiful people must survive throughout the adventure without which you will not get the good ending of Detroit Become Human and unlock the gold trophy « Survivors ».

How to survive all the characters in the story of Detroit Become Human :

Let’s go on a case by case basis for all the key characters mentioned above. Each character can die in different places, learn below about all the places and chapters that can make you lose one of the key characters in the story. Note that the only character who is allowed to die is Connor. This character copies his memory, which allows him to « almost » always return to the adventure even after a death, but be careful, only up to a certain point.

→ How to keep Alice alive :

Alice is the little girl Kara has to protect. You must always make sure to protect little Alice during the adventure. Be careful, if you don’t protect her from Todd, the violent father, Alice will die right from the chapter of the stormy night.

→ How to keep Hank alive in Detroit Become Human :

Hank is the human partner who’s helping Connor with his investigation. You must keep him alive throughout the adventure. The best way to keep him alive is to become friends with him. If you don’t, Hank will kill himself at the end of the game. There are also several places he can die, including in the « Battle for Detroit » chapter if you don’t save him from Connor’s clone or on the « Public Enemy » mission if you make bad decisions.

→ How to keep Jerry alive :

Jerry, this is the android you’ll meet in the amusement park at Pirate Island Mission. You’ll have a chance to lose this character at the very end of the game in the « Battle for Detroit » chapter if you don’t save him and Luther from human gunfire. When crossing the border into Canada you will also have to make the choice not to make a sacrifice.

→ How to keep Josh alive :

In the chapter « Crossroads », Jericho will be attacked by humans, Markus will have to activate a bomb in the hold of the boat. On the way, you’ll meet Josh who will be in a bad position. Do not look away and go help your comrade otherwise he will not go further in the story.

→ How to keep Kara alive throughout the adventure :

Kara is a character who is likely to die throughout the chapters of Detroit Become Human. You must not take this character’s choices lightly or things will suddenly stop. During the « Stormy Night » chapter, you must absolutely protect Alice and flee with her otherwise Todd the father will kill little Alice and Kara as well. The best thing is to take the gun from the father’s room and pass the series of QTEs in the little girl’s room to kill Todd.

In the chapter « Zlatko » you will have two possibilities, to play stealth or to choose a direct approach. If you choose the direct path, you must pass the QTEs or Kara will be killed. By choosing to play in discreet mode, you’ll have more time to find Alice without putting yourself in danger and flee the house through the back door. Note that you must have released the abused Deviants into the room or Zlatko resets the android memory.

→ How to Save Luther in Detroit Become Human :

During the attack on Jericho in the chapter « Crossroads » Luther will be shot. Don’t leave without him or it will be the end of the adventure for him… Choose to help him while passing the series of QTEs. During the « Battle for Detroit », you must save Luther again before he is shot down with Jerry in the street by the human army and choose not to sacrifice anyone at the border post.

→ How to keep Markus alive in Detroit Become Human :

Markus is a very important character since he is the one who has the role of converting androids to rally them to his cause and get his people out of the oppression of humans. Unfortunately, Markus has a good chance of dying in different parts of the game if you are not aware. If Markus dies, you won’t get the good ending of Detroit Become Human. During the « Freedom March » mission, choose to flee when human soldiers threaten to open fire on the group. You may lose the respect of Jericho and the Josh, North and Simon group, but Markus will live.

At the very end, if you fail to get Connor out of Amanda’s planned reprogramming, Connor will pull out his weapon to try to kill Markus, the deviant leader. Make sure you find Connor’s emergency exit in the snowy landscape so he can store his gun.

Throughout the android rebellion, you must make Markus choose a peaceful path. No human deaths, no degradation and in the end, choose the manifestation rather than the revolution.

→ How to keep North alive :

During the « crossroads » mission, after setting off the bomb in the hold of the boat, you must flee the scene with the group. You must save North when she falls to the ground otherwise her adventure and romance with Markus will stop abruptly. 

The same goes for the last mission of the « battle for Detroit », Special Agent Richard Perkins will offer Markus a deal on the pretext that he and North can live happy days. Refuse this deal or North will die brutally.

→ How to keep Simon alive :

In the « Stratford Tower » mission, you have a high probability of losing Simon along the way. During the mission, choose the peaceful way well and do not kill the human guards. After the audio recording, flee to the roof while carrying Simon who has been injured. Upstairs, you’ll have a choice between shooting Simon or letting him live and not killing him. Leave it on the roof and you will find it later in the wreck of Jericho.

Here are some points to take into account during your adventure. There are many other ways to lose a character, but we have described those that are the most difficult to detect. In any case, if you see one of the characters listed above die along the way, you just have to restart the chapter that went wrong and correct the events.

The other conditions to get the best out of Detroit Become Human :

There are other things to know to get the best ending of the game. It will not be enough to keep all the characters alive, you will also have to make some key choices as you progress to ensure a release from the android cause.

  • Markus’ important choices :

Concerning Markus, during the machine revolution you should never choose an aggressive path. Choose to be peaceful at all times. Even when the game invites you to move to the dark side, don’t lose it and continue to resolve this conflict without violence. Humans are the bad guys, not androids. Kill no one, and do not degrade anything to win public favor.

When Richard Perkins, the FBI agent, makes you a proposal in the last chapter of the « Battle for Detroit », don’t accept the deal. Man lies, if you accept a lot of people will die and the story will turn on a bad ending.

  • Connor’s important choices :

Connor is just as important, if not the most important character in Detroit Become Human. During the investigation with Hank, make sure you become friends with him so he doesn’t commit suicide at the end of the game. Tell yourself Amanda’s not your friend, so don’t trust her ! Note that in the meeting area with Amanda, there is a machine where Connor can put his hand. This machine is Connor’s exit point when Amanda tries to reprogram him to kill Markus.

At the crossroads mission, there will be a confrontation between Markus and Connor. This is the moment Connor must become a Deviant. So make sure you listen to Markus and let him enlist you in the android cause.

  • Important choices for Kara :

To get the best possible end to the game, you will also need to complete a few specific points about Kara. In addition to keeping her, Alice and Luther alive, you must imperatively play dead and not move during the shooting in the mission of the « crossroads ». In the last chapter of the « Battle for Detroit », don’t choose to take the detour, go through the control post and stay calm. 

Don’t sacrifice anyone and everything will go well during this step. Finally when you get to the station to take the bus, steal the bus tickets from the family and keep them to cross the border into Canada with your three characters.


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