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When does season 1 of Apex Legends end and the season 2 begin ?


We can’t say that season 1 will have been enjoyed by the Apex Legends players… Yet, when it was released, this game had the effect of a bomb so refreshing was its gameplay. Unfortunately, the changes and new features requested were slow to arrive and the launch of Season 1 was not without some pain. Everyone was waiting for the right content and it was finally something half-toned that came out disappointing to a large part of the community…

Season 1 will soon be a thing of the past as there is very little time left before the end. Meanwhile, the frequentation on the game has largely declined… The Respawn teams will not have the choice but to draw some very heavy with season 2 if they want to be able to compete again with a competition that is always so aggressive, we think in particular of Fortnite and its season 9… And his good fortune since they have had many weeks ahead to prepare the future of the game !

In short, if you want to know when Apex Legends season 1 ends and season 2 begins, you’ve come to the right place, we’ll explain everything to you next.

What is the end date of season 1 of Apex Legends ?

Based on the various data in our possession around the game, Season 1 of Apex Legends is expected to end on June 17, 2019. That’s what the battle pass information suggests. On PS4 an event specifies that the end is for June 4… Respawn Entertainment or EA did not see fit to confirm one of the two dates. But in any case, Apex Season 1 should end before the end of June 2019.

When does season 2 of Apex Legends start ?

Based on the possible end date of Season 1, the second season should start at best on June 18, 2019 unless the Respawn teams allow a gap to widen between the two seasons, which would be surprising. 

Let’s hope that the season 2 battle pass will be more inspired than the first one with the wild border that disappointed many… anyway, we should see exclusive items, new skins for legends, XP bonuses, and many more.


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