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Wiki Wolfenstein Youngblood how to use the Buddy Pass


The new Wolfenstein Youngblood is coming out on July 26, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch in standard and Deluxe versions and one day in advance for PC players (the lucky ones). The Deluxe edition has the particularity of offering a friend pass otherwise called « Buddy Pass » by developers that simply allows you to share the adventure with a friend.

☆ Note – We had already mentioned the case of Wolfenstein Youngblood’s multiplayer orientation or we told you about local coop in a previous article, if you are interested in the topic, you will find the information here : Wolfenstein Youngblood online or local cooperation how does it work ?

The « Buddy Pass » will allow you to share your adventure with another player if you have purchased the « Deluxe » edition of Wolfenstein Youngblood. Indeed, it allows you to invite someone you know who has the same platform / game console as you, but who does not have Wolfenstein: Youngblood enjoyed the adventure with you in cooperation, and this, for free!

Wolfenstein Youngblood Buddy Pass how does it work?

It’s very simple, take your code and give it to your friend. Invite him from the Wolfenstein Youngblood game menus and he will be able to join you simply by inserting the code « Buddy Pass ». He can then take control of one of the two twin sisters Jess or Soph and enjoy the complete adventure with you without any restrictions. Moreover, if he likes the game and decides to buy it too to be able to have a solo experience of the game, then his saving of the « Buddy Pass » can be transferred to his own game.

And if I don’t have Wolfenstein Youngblood’s Buddy Pass, how do I do it ?

If you have chosen the standard version of the game and still want to play with a friend who does not own the game, all you have to do is find someone who agrees to lend you / give you their code. Wolfenstein Youngblood’s « Buddy Pass » has no limits to use. You can give it to whoever you want and use it as much as you want on one condition, when it is being used by a player then it is only active for that player. To use the code again, you must end the current session.


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