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God of War where to find Anchor of Fog to open the Realm Tears of Niflheim


One of the great quests of the Niflheim world of God of War will be to open the Realm Tears that are in Ivaldi’s workshop. But for that, you will have to collect many Mist Echoes… But not only ! You’ll also need several Anchor of Fog !

These are special epic items that have allowed Ivaldi to crafted devices that could pull any resource from Niflheim to its home in order to hide his machinations from Odin. For Kratos, a Anchor of Fog allows him to open one of the Realm Tears of Niflheim Ivaldi’s workshop.

How to Get Anchor of Fog in God of War :

To get Anchor of Fog, you don’t have thirty-six options. You must explore the mist maze in the realm of Niflheim. To have a chance to get a Anchor of Fog, you must explore the depths of the labyrinth and face the monsters that are there. 

It will not be uncommon to find in one of the rooms (often the most remote and best kept room) a chest containing the epic item Anchor of Fog. Of course, you will have to repeat the operation several times to obtain a maximum.

We strongly advise you to equip Kratos with Ivaldi’s armor the best armor for Kratos in God of War to better resist the mist, which will allow you to go around the labyrinth without dying…


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