How to easily earn experience points (XP) in the new God of War on PS4


Like many games released on this generation of consoles, God of War includes a large RPG component that improves the attributes of Kratos and especially to get new skills for him and his son Atreus or to improve the runes. And for this, the player must collect experience points (XP) by performing various actions. You will find here all the possibilities you have in the new God of War on PS4 to gain experience points (XP).

How to easily get experiment points (XP) in God of War PS4 :

→ Gain experience points by fighting :

It seems logical enough in one sense except that in God of War, you only get experience points for Kratos when you clear a room or an area of its enemies. This means that it is not enough to kill a single mob to collect experience points, but to kill a complete group of enemies. Make sure you always clear a room or area of his monsters before you leave to make sure you get experience points that you can use later to improve Kratos’ and Atreus’ skills.

→ Earn XP points with favor quests :

During your adventures and especially on the lands of Midgard, it will not be rare for you to find or undertake what the game calls  » favors « . These are actually secondary quests that allow the player to collect all kinds of rewards in addition to experience points for both playable characters in the game as well as money. These subquests are numerous, make sure you do the ones you can on the way to be sure to unlock enough skills for the rest of the journey !

→ Gain experience points thanks to works and artefacts :

God of War on PS4 is crawling with additional things to complete, during your adventures take the time to search everything, you will find hidden artifacts all over Midgard. These artifacts will earn you money, but also extra XP points. And that also applies to what the game calls « works », there are of all kinds and with tiers to reach. Do not hesitate to consult regularly all your current objectives to be sure not to miss anything of the possibilities which are offered to you to gain XP.

→ Earn XP points through main story quests :

By completing the main quest objectives of God of War on PS4, you also have the opportunity to earn quite a few XP points for your characters. Once you’ve finished side quests an area, simply continue your journey through the main story to earn additional experience points.

How to earn experience points (XP) in God of War on PS4 :

Now that we have reviewed the methods available to you to gain experience points. We have a little tip for you that will allow you to optimize your XP earnings in the game. If you open the game menu and look at Kratos statistics, you will certainly notice the value « luck » in its stats. Increase this value regularly, because the higher it is, the more experience points you gain during your fights !


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