GTA 5 Online major changes for passive mode (disabled on weaponized vehicles)


GTA Online’s passive mode allows players to protect themselves from certain other unwanted players who may continuously target them. Simply activate it to appear as a ghost on the game’s servers, the passive mode blocks contact between you and other players and some free mode activities. 

So, if you want to participate in some of the activities offered in the game you will have to disable the passive mode of the interaction menu. Similarly, major changes have been made since Rockstar Games teams put the DLC online with The Diamond Casino & Resort. For example, you no longer have the ability to activate passive mode when you are in weaponized vehicles. 

Also, the time to reactivate this mode in the interaction menu has been extended, if it still takes 30 seconds to deactivate a passive state, it will take 5 minutes now to reactivate this mode in your character’s interaction menu. Which exposes you to the danger of other players!


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