Fortnitemares challenge where the gargoyles are located (dancing in front of the gargoyles)


Another new challenge for Fortnite players, except that this one is a little special, because it is part of the « Fortnitemares » challenges set up for the Halloween event. This week, you will have to find statues of gargoyles and dance in front of them.

If you don’t know where to find these famous gargoyles, we have listed them below. We also offer you at the end of the article a map of the game with the exact location of these gargoyles. You will have to dance in front of 5 different gargoyles to validate this « Fortnitemares » challenge. 

Note: You can’t dance several times in front of the same gargoyle, it will only validate one dance. The goal is to find 5 different gargoyle statues and dance in front of each one. However, you can perform any dance once you face a gargoyle statue.

List and location of gargoyles in Fortnite season 6 (Fortnitemares challenge / Halloween) :

1. You will find a first gargoyle on the left of the town of Lazy Links. Refer to the location on the map provided below, you will see a kind of mine on site. You have to rush into the underground and destroy the wooden boards. Behind you will find rocks to destroy and then a gargoyle that awaits your dance.

2. Take a walk in Tomato Temple, you will find in the crevasse at the sanctuary a new gargoyle in front of which you will have to wiggle as you take out your most beautiful dance emote.

3. In the Viking village between Snobby Shorez and Greasy Grove, you will find a gargoyle in one of the houses. It is located against a wooden pillar and behind tables. Dance to validate your third gargoyle.

4. Inside the haunted Castle, which is located at the top left of Pleasant Park, you will find another gargoyle statue in front of which you will have to do a random dance.

5. A last gargoyle awaits you at the top of the mountain which is near Flush Factory a little to the north. There is a wooden pillar with a lamp post and an insulated rock in the area. You will find the gargoyle on a toilet… Dance and you will validate this challenge of the nightmare week of Fortnite.

Fortnite map with the location of the gargoyles (challenge to dance in front of different gargoyles) :



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