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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 how to activate the hidden song (easter egg) on the zombie map nine (IX)


The Call of Duty license games have always accustomed players to searching for a series of puzzles that activate secret song (easter egg) on zombie MAPS. This is still the case in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 !

We will explain here how you can activate the secret music of the MAP of Nine zombies (IX). If you meet the requirements, you will activate for all players in the match the soundtrack « Mad Hatter » of the metal band « Avenged Sevenfold » to surround yourself properly after one or two rounds of zombies on the nine map (IX).


How to activate Mad Hatter song on Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Map IX :

To activate the secret music on IX, you must find 4 small luminous elements scattered throughout the coliseum and its rooms dedicated to the gods and goddesses Ra, Danu, Zeus or Odin. All the players in the session can find their little bright spots, so if you don’t see them when you go to the places we’re going to show you below, it’s because a player has already done what’s necessary.

Whenever you find one of these small light elements, you just have to shoot it with your weapon. This will destroy the small element of color. You need to find four to activate the secret Mad Hatter music of the Avenged Sevenfold group on map IX.

☆ Note : You can only activate the secret track per game once. If the music has already been activated by another player in the session, you will have to wait until the next session to activate the music by yourself. You cannot activate the music locally and you cannot destroy the elements with your weapon if you are on the ground (Last Stand).

→ Colored piece to be destroyed number 1 :

The first room is located inside the burial chamber of the Ra Tower where the coffin is located in the centre of the room. Look for one of the braseros in the right corner of the room, you will see that there is a chest and a box filled with gold coin next to it, the red element to be destroyed is in between.


→ Colored piece to be destroyed number 2 :

The second piece to be destroyed is located at the entrance to the Danu Tower on the side of the Coliseum arena. Look out the ground floor window. You should see a wooden structure, if you look at the staircase you will see a small green patch that you will have to destroy with your favorite toy. 


→ Colored piece to be destroyed number 3 :

The third that you must find and destroy is inside the room of Zeus’ altar. You will see two statues against a wall and the location of the mystery box, at the base of one of the two statues is a small purple element to destroy with your weapon.


→ Colored part to be destroyed number 4 :

The last room is located inside the Odin Tower, at the entrance to the area. The light room can be located through a metal grid (see screenshot) close to a wooden barrel. Pull it to destroy the element and unlock the Mad Hatter music, which will play automatically after a few seconds.


Now that you know how to activate music (easter egg), why not learn how to get special weapons on IX? You will find a complete guide here : Guide Call of Duty Black Ops 4 How to Get The Death of Orion Weapon and Serket’s Kiss in Zombies.


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