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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition the list of all the bosses’ secret missions


In Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition you will face many bosses during your journey to the lands of Terca Lumeiris. At each of these bosses, there is a hidden secret mission that will only unlock under certain conditions. If you don’t pay attention to these missions, you have every chance of missing them… Which would be a shame if you are trophy / achievement hunter type or even if you have the objective of finishing the game at 100%.

Indeed, there are 25 trophies / achievements in the game to unlock by finding the target of a secret mission. If you want to know in advance how to validate them, you will find below the complete solution for all the secret missions of the bosses of Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition. We will also see how to fight a boss again and thus try again one of the secret missions of the game in case of error or failure of one of the objectives.

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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition how to fight a boss again and replay a secret mission :

It is quite possible to replay a fight against a boss in Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition in order to unlock all the secret missions of the game. For this, you must go to the island of Nam Combanda and talk to the little boy who has the cow outfit. The first time, he will offer you to replay a boss fight for free and then you will have to give him chips (about 300 chips). If during your journey on the lands of Terca Lumeiris you miss a secret mission, don’t worry too much, because you can try your luck again when you have access to the island of Nam Combanda.

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition the solution for all bosses’ secret missions :

Be careful, from these lines you could be spoiler of some bosses of the game. To tell you the key objective of each boss, we have no choice to tell you who it is. You are therefore consulting the list below with full knowledge of the facts.

secret-mission-1-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 1 – At the beginning of the game when Estellise and you escaped from prison, you will face Zagi in Flynn’s room, the secret mission is to protect Estellise from Zagi’s attacks.

secret-mission-2-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 2 – After meeting Rita in Aspio, you will walk through the ruins of Shaikos. Inside, you will fight boss Goliath, you will have to hit him in the heel when he makes a Buster-X charge for him to fall to the ground.

secret-mission-3-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 3 – After unlocking the « Out of Limit » technique in Hallure, the group will head towards the Emhead Hills. You’ll fight boss Gattuso there. You must stun it with the flower spores from the billybally plants in the battle circle. Stun him until he falls to the ground and you see the message « great ».

secret-mission-4-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 4 – After your passage to the port city Capua Nor, you will end up getting on a boat and fight Zagi again. Make sure you lure him to the ship and drop him overboard to validate the secret mission.

secret-mission-5-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret mission objective boss 5 – In the destroyed city of Caer Bocram you will fight the Dreaded Giant, you must defeat him (knock him down) with a blow when he stands in front of you. 

secret-mission-6-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret mission objective boss 6 – Once you reach the Keiv Moc forest you will face boss Gigalarva. For this secret mission, you will have to have Raven in the team, you have to use on the boss the Arte Serpent of Raven which will trap the Gigalarva preventing it from healing itself.

secret-mission-7-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 7 – When you are in the tower of the cogs Ghasfarost you will fight the boss Barbos. To succeed in the secret mission, you simply have to destroy the four pillars of the bridge, which will prevent Barbos from calling for reinforcements.

secret-mission-8-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret mission objective boss 8 – When you fight the cursed wanderer, hit him when he does a reload to validate the secret mission 8.

secret-mission-9-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 9 – When you are in the town of Nordopolica Coliseum you will face Zagi again. Let him absorb magic and destroy his bodhi blastia during the confrontation to validate the secret objective.

secret-mission-10-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 10 – In the hollow of the cados you will face the boss Pteropus, for this secret mission you must eliminate the Bat-leader during the confrontation to prevent the Pteropus from recombining.

secret-mission-11-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret Mission Objective Boss 11 – After reaching the desert, you will fight the Boss Outbreakerl, you must destroy his core to prevent his magic from reversing the cycle day and night.

secret-mission-12-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 12 – When you return to the town of Coliseum Nordopolica you will face boss Belius. To validate the objective of the secret mission, you must light all candlesticks in the combat area to eliminate the illusion.

secret-mission-13-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret Mission Objective Boss 13 – At Mount Temza you will face Boss Nan and Tyson, you must successfully synchronize your attacks with those of Nan and Tison to bring them down and thus validate the mission objective.

secret-mission-14-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 14 – During your confrontation against Schwann at the forgotten sanctuary Baction, hit him after he uses his Mystical Arte. He’ll hold his heart, it’s the right time to take him down and validate this new secret mission.

secret-mission-15-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 15 – From the mobile fortress Heracles you will face Zagi again. For this secret mission, you must have Karol on the team. You have to use your nice recovery smash arte to force Zagi to heal from the poison.

secret-mission-16-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret mission objective boss 16 – At the Zopheir glaciers, you will face boss Baitojoh, you have to hit him three times during his ice Edge attack and get him out of the ice to validate the objective.

secret-mission-17-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret mission objective boss 17 – When you return to Zaphias Castle you will fight Estellise with Yuri, you will have to use the item « Mother’s Memento » during the confrontation to validate the secret mission.

secret-mission-18-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret Mission Objective Boss 18 – In Zaude, you will face Boss Yeager, you must have placed in the Raven team and use Raven’s Rain Arte to blow Yeager’s heart out after breaking his guard.

secret-mission-19-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 19 – During the fight against Alexei, hit him when he shows signs of exhaustion after using his Mystical Arte.

secret-mission-20-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret Mission Objective boss 20 – In your second battle against the cursed wanderer, use the « Maris Stella » item during the battle to validate the secret mission.

secret-mission-21-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Secret mission objective boss 21 – On the crystalline lands of Erealumen, you will face boss Gusios, you must hit him in the tail and knock him down when he stands in front of you.


→ Objective secret mission boss 22 – At the Relewiese depression, you will face the dragon Khroma, you will have to synchronize your attacks with his during the fight to validate the challenge.

secret-mission-23-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 23 – In Aurnion you will face Flynn, you must make the fight last long enough for Flynn to use all his available Artes as well as a Mystical Art.

secret-mission-24-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Objective secret mission boss 24 – At the old Tarqaron tower you will face Zagi one last time, you will have to hit him after he uses the Blastia Bane to validate the secret mission.

secret-mission-25-tales-of-vesperia-definitive-edition→ Boss Secret Mission Objective 25 – At the old Tarqaron Tower when facing the final boss, Duke, use a Mystical Arte in the second battle and you will unlock the game’s last secret mission.



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