Fortnite season 10 loading screens from weeks 1 and 2


Over the seasons, Epic Games teams have accustomed us to special loading screens that often hide hints about the location of a hidden/secret star, the location of a banner or any other special items in the game such as season 9 chips, for example. For this season 10, the loading screens still exist, and two have already been put online. 

You can find these two loading screens below, one representing the new vehicle/robot and the second featuring the new skins of the game. We don’t know yet if the Road Trip, B.R.U.T.E and other challenges will reveal any hints on these first two loading screens of week 1 and 2 in order to win additional battle stars or any other type of items.

Fortnite loading screen season 10 / week 1 :


Fortnite loading screen season 10 / week 2 :



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