Fortnite monster vs. robot who is the winner (Re-diffusion)


A fight between a robot and a monster in Fortnite Battle Royale, who won? If you missed it, know that a terrible encounter took place in the heart of the MAP of Fortnite on Saturday July 20, 2019 during the final event of season 9. A huge monster came out of the depths of the ocean to destroy everything. At the same time, the robot that was sleeping at the top of « Pressure Plant » was also activated, resulting in a real shock of the titans that impressed many players around the world. 

You can think what you want about Fortnite, Epic Games teams have enough creativity to always surprise those who continue to play and re-launch interest for the game. After such a confrontation, the players are certainly very excited to see Fortnite’s season 10 coming up.

Monster fight against robot in Fortnite what happened ?

It’s simple, the monster first came out of the water with a block of Polar Peak ice on his back and started ravaging the area with huge lasers. After a few seconds of devastating everything, the robot that was sleeping in the center of « Pressure Plant » also activated to face Polar Peak’s monster and began firing rockets on the creature. 

In this fight, energy balls, destruction, a big sword and above all a very beautiful dance of victory. Discover in the video (replay) below the fight between the monster and the robot to find out which of them won the duel ? After such a spectacular and praiseworthy event, Season 10 could mark a real turning point in the Fortnite game.


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