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Guide Fortnite anniversary challenge of the season 9 birthday cake locations


It’s Fortnite Battle Royale’s second anniversary, Epic Games teams have introduced new challenges for the end of the season 9 that allow players to win several awards on the theme of « birthdays ». Among the challenges,  is one that will ask you to dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes. 

To help you, we show you the location of these 10 cakes, which will allow you to obtain the special « Anniv’ Electro Music » award if you find them all. Once you are in front of a cake, all you have to do is do a random dance to validate the steps of the challenge. You will know immediately when you will be facing a cake since they are all quite large and have multiple colors.

Fortnite birthday challenge season 9 where the 10 birthday cakes are located :

Note that when you are in front of a cake and after doing your little dance, come closer to eat a bite and enjoy at the same time validating one of the other challenges of Fortnite’s second birthday.

  • You will find your first cake in Junk Junction
  • A second cake is located in Pleasant Park
  • Just north of Loot Lake you will find a third birthday cake.
  • Do a dance in front of the Viking village cake.
  • Another is located at Shifty Shafts.
  • You’ll find the cake in Salty Springs.
  • A little north of Fatal Fields, there’s another cake.
  • At Lonely Lodge, you will find the following one.
  • On the desert circuit awaits you one cake.
  • The last birthday cake is on the right of Paradise Palms, go and do a little dance.

Below is a map of Fortnite season 9 with the location of all the cakes you will have to dance to. We have numbered them in relation to the information given above.



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