Guide Destiny 2 Warmind where are located all the data to recovered on Mars (latent memories)


If you’re playing the new Destiny 2 expansion right now and you’re searching every new contents in the MARS area, you’ve probably noticed when you opened the game map that there were 45 data to recovered. These data are actually latent memories that will give you access to two exclusive rewards. Namely an exotic sword and an exotic sparrow, the Worldline Zero for the sword and the G-335 Anseris Overdrive for the sparrow.

Here is for example the guide to get the special sword :

Destiny 2 Warmind – How to Get Latent Memories (Data Recovered) from Mars :

To recover them, it’s very simple, you have to observe the targets in your environment that are scattered around Mars. The targets have different colors and match the type of your weapon. So, a latent memory that has a kinetic target, you will have to destroy it with a kinetic damage weapon, if the target is solar then shoot it with a solar weapon, and so on…

Where are located the 45 latent memories (data) of Mars of Destiny 2 Warmind :

Better than words, we propose you to consult a video placed at your disposal just below to collect the 45 latent memories of the Warmind of Destiny 2. 


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