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Challenge Fortnite week 4 how to ring the house doorbells


The challenges of week 4 (season 6) are available and this week it’s a little Halloween in advance. Players will have to ding dong at the house doors, understand that for this challenge you will have to ring at the house doors. However, there is one condition to this challenge, you must ring the doorbell of a house in the presence of an opponent inside which complicates things.

And of course, not all houses are affected by this challenge, there are only a few houses you can find on the map that have a doorbells. Don’t forget the magic formula to ask your opponent when he opens the door while armed with his gun… A candy or a spell ?

You will have to ring the doorbell three times to validate the challenge. Next, we will explain how you can ring the house doors, but especially where they are located on the Fortnite map.

Where to find the house doorbells in Fortnite :

Houses with a doorbell are recognizable because a small blue box is placed on the wall near the doorbell. The hardest part is to make sure that someone is inside. We advise you to play in temporary modes like the 50vs50 to succeed in this challenge.


Put yourself in a corner and make sure you owe your opponents entered or move inside the house you are targeting. As soon as you can confirm the presence of another player, go to the small blue box of the house and ring the doorbell.

→ Here is the map with all the locations of the houses where you can ring the doorbell :



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