Guide Kingdom Come Deliverance how to have the secret armor for your horse (secret location)


If you are looking for equipment for your horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance, we have found something unique for you! A metal armor also called Chanfron and criniere in the game that awaits you in a totally secret area of Kingdom Come Deliverance Kingdom.

To obtain it, you must be vigilant since the armor is in a giant nest placed in the middle of a large area of rock. If you’re not careful, you could fall and lose your progress. Do not go to the site until you are assured that your game has been saved !

Where is the horse’s secret armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance :

Open your map and locate Ledetchko, you will see along the river a forest area to the right of Ledetchko. This is where it happens ! Look carefully in this forest, a stone zone is drawn there. Place your marker there (see screenshot below) and go directly to the place to get the secret armor you can equip your horse with.

Go down carefully to the giant nest, you will find a dead horse and the rest of a chicken and some feathers. If you interact with the nest, you will find the horse’s secret armor : Chanfron and criniere. In addition, you will also get 60 gold coins (Groschen) and the Noble Bridle.


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