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Wiki Kingdom Hearts 3 how long / how many hours to play to finish the game


Developers of the Kingdom Hearts series have often confessed that they announced the third episode far too quickly. This will have had the effect of increasing the expectation of players who were increasingly impatient to know the conclusion of the Xehanort arc as the months went by… After an endless wait, we can say it, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally there… Or almost since the game is on the market on PS4 and Xbox One and on various stores (PSN / Xbox Live) from January 29, 2019.

This will satisfy long-time fans and new players who are already wondering, but in fact « How long / how many hours to finish the game » ? Well, you are very timely, because that’s the concrete purpose of this article, you give an idea of the duration of the game’s life in a straight line and by trying to get 100%.

How many hours of game to finish Kingdom Hearts 3 in a straight line :

The adventure of Kingdom Hearts 3 should be significantly longer than the previous albums in the series. Tetsuya Nomura promises players a story that will last about 50 hours of play to see its ending. This would make it the longest Kingdom Hearts of the series when you consider that the other games in the license lasted approximately 20 to 30 hours in a straight line. 

How many hours of play to finish Kingdom Hearts 3 to 100% with all the side quests :

Your goal is to finish all the content available in Kingdom Hearts 3 ? It will no longer take you only 50 hours, but at least 80 hours to make the game 100% including obtaining all the trophies / achievements of the game. Which is quite honest for the genre and at the top of the basket of the entire Kingdom Hearts series, which have always offered a lot of additional content.

Are there going to be DLCs or a Season Pass for Kingdom Hearts 3 :

Tetsuya Nomura, the game director confided that the development team was not against the production of DLCs or post-launch extensions to extend the lifecycle. Understand that Kingdom Hearts 3 has every chance of having DLCs, an extension or even a Season Pass over time… Especially if it is a success. Square-Enix has published a lot of content for Final Fantasy 15, a scenario that could be repeated with Kingdom Hearts 3.


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