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Guide The Division 2 how to become a rogue agent in the Dark Zone


When you are in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Dark Zone, all the players around you are potentially your enemies… For a moment, they can pretend they are your allies and then shoot you once you turn your back on them… This is what we call becoming a « rogue » agent in The Division 2 Dark Zone.

There are several methods to become a rogue agent in the Dark Zone, including one method that you can initiate yourself. To be a bad rogue, it is not enough to fire with your weapons on another player… It doesn’t work like that! No, by pressing a specific button on your controller or by using a combination of keys on your keyboard you can switch to the dark side of the division… There are also your actions that will lead you to become a bad guy in the Dark Zone… We explain everything to you right now!

The Division 2, what’s the button / key to become a rogue agent in the Dark Zone ?

Be careful, by choosing to become rogue you will become everyone’s target. When you activate this system, a skull appears above your head, telling others that you are becoming a rebel player. You can change your status in the dark zone from a divisional agent to a rogue agent by holding down the touchpad on your dualshock 4 (PS4), pressing the Menu/Back button (Xbox One) or holding the Ctrl+Z keys (PC).

The Division 2 what are the other methods to become a rogue agent of the Dark Zone ?

Although you can choose to become a evil player at any time, there are other methods that can switch you from a nice division agent to a bad enemy agent of the people. There are three types of rogues….

  • Classic rogue for use non-lethal anti-agent acts.
  • Disavowed rogue if you use violent anti-agent acts.
  • Manhunt status if you use successive violent anti-agent acts and are highest priority target.


When you are at an extraction point and you cut the rope where players place their infected items ready to be extracted from the area, you will automatically become a rogue player… And the answer will soon be heard, because everyone will literally jump on you! Be sure of yourself when you decide to cut an extraction rope in the Dark Zone to steal other players’ items.

You can hack into SHD terminals in the Dark Zone or open keyless safes, you can find mini missions on your map that are represented by a skull icon. When you complete it, your rogue action counter increases to 100%. If you continue your actions in a loop, you will then become a priority target manhunt guy… Be careful, when you become a manhunt target in the Dark Zone of The Division 2 the game gives your position to each player in the zone.


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