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Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom where to find all the Dreamer’s Mazes


At a certain point of Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom, you will meet a woman called Mileniyah. This woman will ask Evan and his group to go to all the Dreamer’s Mazes. She will give to the group a key to open the doors of parallel worlds. You must finish all 9 dreamer’s maze for Mileniyah to join the kingdom of Evermore.

Entering these side dungeons is a good method to collect many resources in the game, such as rare materials, weapons and equipment and many others. In addition, it is the opportunity to face powerful opponents through simple rules that can increase the power of monsters inside the Dreamer’s Maze. Know that by traversing these places, you will be able even to face the most powerful boss of Ni No Kuni 2. But before we tell you about it, here is the list of all the door Dreamer’s Maze.

Location of all the door Dreamer’s Maze of Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom :

Although Mileniyah asks you to go through 9 dreamer’s maze, there are actually 10. Here is a list of all the places where you can find them.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 1 :

Location Grotty Grotto – You’ll find the first door when you try to recruit Auntie Martha to join your Kingdom Evermore. The cavern is near the house of Auntie Martha.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 2 :

Location Eert Grove – In the region of Calm Lands not so far from Goldpaw you will find a forest on the World Map where the second door is located.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 3 :

Location Tidewash Cave – You must go south of Goldpaw in the region of Cosy Cove. You will need the boat or the plane to get there.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 4 :

Location Sundown Woods – The door is in the woods not far from the Forest of Niall in the lands of Wiggly Way on the World Map.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 5 :

Location Shrine of Pining – you can find the door to the island of Makronos near of Hydropolis inside the Shrine of Pining. You will need the boat or the plane !

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 6 :

Location Sublime Shrine – Go to the mainland of Broadleaf to find the Sublime Shrine locate to the northeast of the city.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 7 :

Location Blowtorch Cave – You will need the plane (Zippelin) to fly to the continent of Splitstone Canyon. You will find a little to the north the cave with the door of Dreamer’s Maze.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 8 :

Location Crooked Cavern – North of Evermore, you can find the crooked cavern on the island Farflung Cape.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 9 :

Location Shivery Shrine – In cold lands near to the crash site. You will find the shrine where to locate the maze door.

→ Door of Dreamer’s Maze 10 :

When you have finished the 9 doors, you will have to go to the Goldpaw Library to get the key to the 10th door of Dreamer’s Maze. Then go to the Faraway Isle in the faraway forest where you can fight the strongest boss of Ni No Kuni 2 who is at LvL 95… Good Luck ! When you’re done, you’ll unlock the trophy / achievement Dream Big, the hardest to get in Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom.


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