Wiki Detroit Become Human how long it takes to play to finish the game


Detroit Become Human immerses players in a futuristic Detroit set in 2038, where everyday machines have given way to Androids, an artificial intelligence designed to serve humans. It is in this context that you, as players, follow the story of three androids with very different backgrounds. Each of your choices will have serious consequences and many paths will open to you leading to several ends. 

How many hours of play to see the end of Detroit Become Human :

If you’ve just purchased Detroit Become Human, you’re probably wondering how long you’ll need to play the new Quantic Dream game on your PS4 to see the ending. If you only play one run, it will take you about 8 to 12 hours to finish the game a first time. But beware, this is only a indicative, because the new production of the Quantic Dream studio clearly encourages the player to come back on it once the scenario is completed a first time. There are multiple ends, multiple paths to follow, so you’ll have to try every possible connection to finish the game at 100% greatly extending the initial lifetime after seeing the first end of Detroit Become Human.


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