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When does the Monster Hunter World Iceborne PS4 beta start ? (dates released)


In a few months the Iceborne content will be released from Monster Hunter World, on September 6, 2019 to be exact. This extension will allow you to continue your Monster Hunter World experience beyond the environmental limits known to date with content comparable to the basic game. 

And the journey into the freezing environments of Iceborne will start earlier than expected for PlayStation players. A beta version has indeed been announced on PS4 for the end of June (see the dates below). 

First exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers, the Beta version will be extended to all players a week later. To allow everyone to be ready for the hunt, a pre-download will be available a few days before the launch of each Iceborne beta.

What is the content of the beta version of Monster Hunter World Iceborne ?

The beta will give you a first overview of the new environments, you can visit the new area, the « Hoarfrost Reach ». Throughout this test session, you will be able to complete three quests of varying difficulty, starting with the Great Jagras hunt for novices, the new Banbaro horned Wyvern for intermediate hunters and the terrible Tigrex for those who know how to handle a weapon properly. 

Speaking of weapons, the beta will allow you to test no less than 14 types of weapons in the available quests or in the special training area. There are also new gameplay mechanics to discover with these weapons, including new options for the Grappling Grapple, which now allows you to grab directly onto a Monster. Players who complete beta quests will receive consumables in the final game. 

What are the opening dates of the Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta ?

  • June 21 / 3AM PDT to June 24 / 3AM PDT for PlayStation Plus subscribers. 
  • June 28 / 3AM PDT to July 1 / 3AM PDT for all PS4 players, even those who do not have a subscription.

Note that the basic game « Monster Hunter World » is not required to play Iceborne beta on PS4. All you need to do is download the beta data from the PlayStation store to access Iceborne.

However, when the extension is launched on September 6, 2019, Monster Hunter World will be required to access the content of the Iceborne extension. 

A Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta for Xbox One and PC players?

We will disappoint you, but the Capcom teams have not announced anything for PC and Xbox One players. The beta version is currently exclusively reserved for PlayStation players.


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