Guide Apex Legends all about the crafting metals, legend tokens and Apex coins


As a Free to Play game, Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale signed by the Respawn / EA teams includes several forms of currencies that can be used in the game. Two currencies that can be won directly by accumulating several matches, the legendary tokens and the crafting metals. The last currency, the « Apex coins », is a premium currency, so it operates in the form of microtransactions.

We will then explain to you what you need to know about the different currencies of Apex Legends. What is the purpose of the crafting metals, how to use legendary tokens, etc.

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Apex Legends how to obtain crafting metals, legend tokens and Apex coins ?

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→ The crafting metals is obtained only by opening Apex Packs. You can get Apex Packs every time you earn a level / rank of player. The content of the Apex Packs is completely random, you will certainly win three different items with in addition to the crafting metals. Currently, you can only obtain 15 crafting metals per opening of an Apex Pack.

→ Legend tokens are obtained in almost the same way except that there is no need to open Apex packs. When you win a level / player rank, you have every chance of winning a large amount of legend tokens as a reward. You can find out in advance if your next promotion will allow you to get legend tokens by looking at the bottom of your screen when you finish your game.

→ Apex coins are a totally premium currency, meaning you will not be able to get them by playing Apex Legends games directly or by opening Apex Packs. The only way is to go through the game shop and use real money. 

What is the purpose of the crafting metals and Legends tokens in Apex Legends ?

Whether it is the crafting metals or the legend tokens, you can unlock many cosmetic items in Apex Legends. Note that except for the exclusive characters to unlock, there is no element to unlock that affects weapons or other statistics, everything is only visual so as not to create an imbalance and disadvantage other players. Here’s what you can unlock in the game using your crafting metals and legend tokens.

→ The crafting metals of Apex Legends :

You can use it to unlock cosmetics items such as new skins / costumes for your characters and Apex Legends champions. In the main menu, switch to the « Legends » tab and choose the character for whom you want to get a skin. You can find a whole list of items to unlock. In addition, the crafting metals will allow you to get new player banners, new intro Quips and Legend finishers. In the game’s armory, you can also unlock many customizations for the weapons you use in the field. There is a classification of the rarest elements at least rare… Legendary, Epic, Rare, Standard.

→ The legend tokens of Apex Legends :

You will win many legend tokens by winning games of Apex Legends, at least by increasing your level of player. They are used to unlock new playable characters in the « Legends » section. Currently, it is possible to obtain Caustic, the toxic trapper and Mirage, the holographic Trickster against 12000 legend tokens or against 750 Apex coins. The legendary tokens will also allow you to obtain unique cosmetic items in the game’s shop. Take a look at the « Featured » section of the store to see what items you can collect for a certain amount of legend tokens.


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