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Tip Metal Gear Survive method for food and water to stop dying of thirst and hunger


If you’re currently playing Metal Gear Survive, there’s a good chance you’ll have some small problems with the game’s hunger and thirst system. Where the hell is food and water ?! With less than 10% of his thirst and hunger level, it becomes very complicated to go looking for the resources needed to survive his character. Even worse, if you reach the critical limit of 5% of your vital functions, you can’t see anything !

Fortunately, we have found for you a little trick / method that will make you gain some survival points and allow you to find a few potatoes, carrots, berries, or better yet a piece of meat to continue your adventure.

This method instantly raises 25% of your hunger and water level. Even if you’re at a critical point, you’ll be able to take advantage of this tip to survive in the hostile world of Metal Gear Survive.

How to raise your thirst and hunger without food or water in Metal Gear Survive :

The trick is simple, just go to your personal base and see Virgil AT-9. Consult it to open your menu and choose the option to move « to the staging area for CO-OP mission ».


You will be teleported directly into the online multiplayer living room where you will notice that your hunger and water bars have both risen to a vital minimum of 25%. Enough to allow you to return to the solo mode to try to find food around your base like food or water.

Note that this tip will probably be patched by Konami within a few weeks so take advantage of it while it’s allowed. Or else, Konami’s teams miss out completely and this survival trick stays in the game forever.


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