Meteorite, super heroes ? Season 4 of Fortnite is coming soon


Epic Games teams have been laughing at all the theories about the meteorite visible in the sky of Fortnite for several weeks. Many elements were added in the game leaving the doubt of an imminent fall of meteors… Whether the telescopes, the internal files of the game referring to the comet or the recent alerts broadcast on TV, everything suggested that a major event was going to take place for the end of season 3.

But what Epic Games was doing all this time was teasing the upcoming arrival of Season 4. A season 4 which should have as its theme « super heroes », which explains all the fantasy with the famous comet. An image has been put online (you can view at the beginning of the article) where you can easily identify the meteor having and the super hero.

Season 4 should therefore have a super hero connection, players will certainly be able to enjoy a new battle pass for season 4 with all full of items to unlock in the game and skins related to super heroes. In any case, with the end of season 3, things should clear up about the future of Fortnite Battle Royale in the days to come.


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