Guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery how to easily regain energy


With the recent release of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on iOS and Android mobiles, players are already questioning how energy points work in the game. This energy is essential to progress… But the problem is that it also uses up very quickly. Energy has a very strange working in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery with a variation in costs depending on the actions of the player.

Indeed, if you are currently playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you have certainly noticed that it is not enough to start a mission to consume energy points, it is actually your actions in the various missions of the game that will cost you points of this famous energy essential to your progression in history. But here are the methods to get some back !

How to Get Energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery :

First of all, note that you regain 1 energy point every 5 minutes, which means that during the moments when you do not intend to play, take advantage of these moments to let the game rebuild you a stock of energy. But fortunately, there are other ways to get it regularly.

In many areas of the game, you will find hidden energy points that recharge approximately every 6 hours. Thanks to this system, you will be able at best to recover 15 additional energy points per day which will allow you to progress in the history.

→ Where to find the hidden energy points in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery :

1. On the lower floor on the west side, touch the second torch to the right of the great hall to get your first secret energy point.

2. In the East Tower, touch the empty portrait to the left of Charms classroom to see a young girl appear inside and get extra energy at the same time.

3. In the west tower, you will also find a painting just to the left of the Moaning Myrlles Restroom. There are white flowers on this painting, touch it to see oranges appear and get energy.

4. On the lower east floor, you will find a pile of books on a bench, you just have to tap the pile so that they fall to the ground what will allow you to obtain additional energy.

5. On the lower floor, but on the west side, just next to the great hall, you just have to touch the knight statue to see him make a shield exchange, which will allow you to get energy.

6. In the dungeons, simply tap the elf to wake him up and get an energy point.

7.  On the Hogwarts field outside the castle, tap the stick on the ground and the dog will appear to play with. You’ll obviously get an energy point!

→ How to increase maximum energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery :

Although you start the adventure with a small amount of energy, you will only need to progress through the missions in history to increase your maximum energy points. C which will allow you to carry out additional actions later without having to wait for the reloading of your points !


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