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Guide Days Gone how to get new weapons (explanation of the Gun locker)


By playing Days Gone, you can find all kinds of weapons on your way. Deacon can always carry up to three weapons with him, one considered as main, secondary and other special. All the weapons you obtain « permanently » are placed in your « locker » which is accessible from different points on the map.

However, the locker has a particular function, you can’t store any weapon you pick up there… If you have trouble understanding how it works and how you can get new guns on Days Gone, you will have the answers to your questions next.

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How to add weapons to the Gun locker in Days Gone ?

It’s quite simple in reality, not all the weapons you collect on your way are considered « acquired ». If you are carrying a weapon you obtained from an enemy’s body with you, you cannot store it in your locker. You can only store the weapons you buy with your credits in the different camps. If the Copeland one does not offer you some at the beginning, you will travel over time to other refuges for survivors who will sell you enough to defend you against the hordes and these, you will be able to store them. Every time you spend credits to get one, you can find it at any time by checking your locker.

Note that some weapons are also won by finishing certain missions of the scenario, these weapons are placed directly in your locker without restriction. To be able to buy more weapons in the game, you just have to improve the level of  » trust «  of a camp and you will have more choices.


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