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Fortnite season 6 where are located the timed Trial challenges (list and locations)


Epic Games teams have deployed the new challenges for week 3 of season 6, this week we are back to one of the challenges we saw last season, namely Timed Trial. The goal is to get to a certain point in the MAP, interact with the stopwatch on the spot and complete a race in the allotted time by making sure to pick up all the light rings on the way.

For season 6 the location of the stopwatches is different from the previous season. You will find below a map with the location of all the chronometers that will allow you to race on the MAP of Fortnite. After successfully completing the challenge, you will win battle stars that will allow you to move up tiers in the battle pass. It should be noted that you will need to win at least three timed challenges to win this 3rd week’s challenge.

✩ Tip : Each time trial has a different layout, and some will require you to place platforms with the construction mode. The trick is to launch a timed challenge in advance to see how the route is, to place platforms in consequence to facilitate access to the rings to be collected and to restart the challenge to finish it without the slightest difficulty.

Where are the challenges timed trial in Fortnite season 6 :

  1. There is a timed trial challenge waiting for you outside the Tomato Temple on the west (left) side of the area.
  2. Another stopwatch challenge is on the mountain to the left of Dusty Divot.
  3. There is one south of Tilted Towers on a small hill next to a cabin.
  4. At the top and slightly to the right of Snobby Shores, there is a timed event on the mountain.
  5. There’s one south of Shifty Shafts on the bridge that connects the river.

Here is the map with the precise locations of the timed challenges for season 6 :



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