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Guide Brawl Stars how to unlock all the characters of the game (brawlers)


By playing the new SuperCell game, Brawl Stars, you can unlock many playable characters. These characters are called Brawlers in the game and all have statistics, a weapon and a special attack.

If you are wondering how to unlock all the characters in Brawl Stars, we will then give you all the details that will allow you to get them quickly. Note that all players who start playing the game get the Shelly brawler. All the others are to be unlocked, there are 22 to date!

How to get new brawlers in Brawl Stars :

There are two ways to unlock new characters by playing Brawl Stars… The first method is through the trophies you get as you play online games.

Here are the characters you will unlock through the trophies system :

  • Nita Brawler unlocked by winning 10 trophies.
  • Colt Brawler unlocked by winning 60 trophies.
  • Bull Brawler unlocked by winning 250 trophies.
  • Jessie Brawler unlocked by winning 500 trophies.
  • Brock Brawler unlocked by winning 1000 trophies.
  • Dynamike Brawler unlocked by winning 2000 trophies.
  • Bo Brawler unlocked by winning 3000 trophies.

Get Brawlers by opening Brawl boxes of Brawl Stars :

The other Brawlers in the game can be obtained by opening standard « brawl » boxes, big boxes or megaboxes. They have a fixed (basic) percentage of appearing when a box is opened.

  • Brawler Barley (rare type)
  • Brawler El Primo (rare type)
  • Brawler Poco (rare type)
  • Brawler Ricochet (super rare type)
  • Brawler Darryl (super rare type)
  • Brawler Penny (super rare type)
  • Brawler Piper (epic type)
  • Brawler Pam (epic type)
  • Brawler Frank (epic type)
  • Brawler Mortis (mythic type)
  • Brawler Tara (mythic type)
  • Brawler Spike (legendary type)
  • Brawler Crow (legendary type)
  • Brawler Leon (legendary type)

★ The appearance statistics can be modified under certain conditions. You can see these percentages by consulting the following page : Guide Brawl Stars what are the rewards in the boxes (drop rate) ?.

☆ Info : Sometimes the game items shop will provide players with special offers that may contain a Rare Brawler or a super rare… However, we do not recommend that you take these offers that are not worth the number of gems required… On the opposite, prefer doubler tokens offers and event tickets that will be more cost-effective over time.



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