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Guide Brawl Stars who is the best character and who is the worst character


One question that often comes to the minds of players when they play Brawl Stars is whether there are better characters than others. Yes, some brawlers are better than others and will be more effective depending on the game mode you are playing. However, always keep in mind that the character you control is not everything, it is the way you use him that will be decisive during a 3vs3, duo or solo match.

However, since some brawlers are better than others, we will show you through this page who you should focus on and which brawler you should not use. Again, these data are for information purposes only, play with the Brawler / character that suits you best and the one you are most comfortable with in the field.

★ Info : If you don’t know how to unlock Brawl Stars characters / Brawlers, just follow our guide at this address : Guide Brawl Stars how to unlock all the characters of the game (brawlers).

Who is the best Brawl Stars character / brawler (top 3) :


Leon, if you can get your hands on this legendary Brawler by opening a box before the SuperCell teams decide to nerf him again (change / lower his stats), he is the most effective one right now, regardless of the game mode or the game map. It does a lot of damage to other Brawlers and has the ability to become invisible for many seconds, allowing the one who controls it to ambush an easy target with a nice ambush.

El-Primo-brawl-stars-best-brawlerIf you are not lucky enough to have a legendary brawler, we recommend EL Primo which has a very good amount of health points and inflicts damage quickly. He can quickly jump on an enemy with his special although with his basic shots his range is not very wide… A character to be preferred in Gems Grab mode and who will prove quite useless in heist mode who will be targeted by the Brawlers long range. Being a rare Brawler, you have every chance of getting it by opening a box.

Shelly-brawl-stars-one-of-the-bestNot to mention the Brawlers to unlock that randomly appear in the boxes, the character offered to all players at the beginning of the game, Shelly is in any case very effective. She does a lot of damage with her weapon and her special makes a lot of damage provided that the players opposite are within range, because the weakness of this character is his range and his life points a little weak.

Who is the worst Brawl Stars character / brawler ?

Bo-brawl-stars-worst-brawler-characterThe worst character in our opinion is Bo. It does relatively little damage and its health points do not allow it to last very long on the field when it faces another brawler. In some modes his ability to see opponents hidden in the bushes can be useful. 

☆ Again, this list of characters is not exhaustive. The feeling you have of a character is one of the first factors in determining which one suits you best. In any case, don’t focus on just one Brawler, because the map or game mode is also decisive in choosing your character for the duration of a match.



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