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Guide Assassin’s Creed Odyssey tips and tricks to become a true hero of ancient greece


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey immerse players in the heart of ancient Greece to share with them the story of an odyssey that is shaped by moral choices that sometimes have serious consequences through the eyes of mercenaries Alexios or Kassandra. 

To help you on your journey and because Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is full of gameplay ideas and things to consider, we’ve prepared 10 tips and tricks that will help you become a true hero of ancient Greece.

Tip 1 – the eagle Ikaros, more than your eyes a precious companion :

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you can use your Ikaros eagle at any time to change your point of view and fly over the area where Alexios or Kassandra is located. This function is not just there to make gadgets, Ikaros is a real asset in exploring the world. 

It allows you to scan the area to show you the enemies in the area, to reveal the location of treasure chests and other items such as Ainigmata Ostraka. But not only that! Ikaros is very valuable for indicating the level of your opponents, the more red the indicator above an opponent’s head the more risks you take to fight him… Let’s not even talk if a skull appears, it’s because you have no chance.

In addition, when you have your naval ship, you can use Ikaros to find out who you are recruiting in advance. Fly over the area and target a character in stationary mode to see if he is a choice recruit for the crew of the Adrestia (your ship). You will see that the portrait of a character can be different from another, the color indicator is important! 

If a Special Lieutenants is in a purple portrait, it means that he is epic, the blue color shows that he is rare and without color means that he is common, if it is a golden portrait it is that he is a legendary recruit… Then no doubt about it, he will certainly be a good recruit for your ship ! Think about it every time you meet a powerful character, a mercenary or a Leadership, observe him with Ikaros to see if it is better to kill him or recruit him for your Adrestia crew. 

It will be enough to knock him out from behind or launch a non-lethal attack such as the Sparta kick that is available in warrior skills.

Tip 2 – The Revelation ability or how to get resources easily :

There are many resources to be found in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, there is wood, iron, obsidian and many others. All these resources and materials surround you without you necessarily realizing it. However, there is a way to make all this more visible to your eyes. Simply activate the assassin’s ability « Revelation » which is automatically available in the skills menu at the beginning of the game. 

This passive skill is extremely useful, because if you let your finger press the supposedly Ikaros key, you can use the « Revelation » skill, which will behave like a radar that will signal with an audible « gling gling » and a visual signal all resources that are within a radius of 15m (the range can be improved by upgrading Leonidas’ spear). 

Now that you know that, move your character and make sure that one of your fingers constantly presses the key allowing you to use the « Revelation » skill, you can move and probe the area at the same time to quickly know what surrounds you, all you have to do is bend down to pick up the many resources of the game that light up before your eyes like magic!

Tip 3 – the torch is not just there to make light :

From the very beginning of the game, whether you play Alexios or Kassandra, your character carries a torch on him that is mainly used to light dark caves… But did you know that your torch can also be used as a weapon? Finally, the goal is not to shake it up in front of your enemy, but to set things on fire, rather practical at the beginning of the game if you do not yet have elementary attacks for your weapon or arrows.

Hit your opponents with your torch to set them on fire, throw them on top or simply set fire to the large red pots that contain flammable oil that spills when you break them.

Tip 4 – instead of changing equipment, why not improve the one you have ?

Everything is improving in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and just because you have found a « common » level 20 equipment doesn’t mean it will be better than your legendary level 12 equipment… We explain it to you! In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, color shows the rarity of an equipment and if you have yellow equipment parts they are the best they can be. They are indicated as legendary and should always be equipped on you! Instead of equipping yourself with a common or rare piece because its stats are higher than your legendary one, all you have to do is go to the local blacksmith and ask him to simply upgrade your piece of equipment!

So, everything that is common, rare, epic we advise you to dismantle it (if you have yellow on you of course!) to get many resources and additional drachmas (game currency) that will precisely allow you to improve your legendary pieces of equipment and thus keep them up to date throughout the adventure. 

We think for example of the sword of Nikolaos obtained very early in the game which has a low LvL and which quickly becomes useless without improvement. Instead of changing it to equip a « Mr. Everyone’s » weapon, improve it so that it will be deadly on the battlefield. You can improve a piece of equipment as many times as your character gains additional levels. Every time your piece of equipment starts to have two levels of gaps, make a jump to the local blacksmith to keep his stats up to date!

Tip 5 – Discretion makes you a real assassin :

There are several ways to storm a fort… There is the strong way that we do not advise you if the place is full of soldiers of the same level as you or slightly superior to yours or there is the discreet approach that makes it easier to assassinate your targets which is highly recommended.

We probably don’t teach you anything at this level, but here are some subtleties that will help you better understand the infiltration aspect imagined by Ubisoft’s teams. When you enter foliage / tall grass / bushes you are completely camouflaged. There is a white highlight around your character and your life bar turns grey with a crossed out eye, which means you are totally invisible. 

All you have to do is whistle a character nearby to lure him close to your hideout and assassinate him discreetly. Be careful, an elite character (level surrounded by a yellow crown) is likely to resist your assassin attack and this also applies to a basic opponent who will have a higher level than yours. It is your assassin damage power in your statistics that determines whether you will be able to kill an opponent in one shot or not. 

Note that if you take the time to meditate to pass the time before you start invading a fort, you can take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemies. At night, they will be tired and lie on straw mattresses, which makes murder easier without being spotted. In some forts, there are animal cages, you can free wild animals from these cages to create a diversion.

In addition, when you are camouflaged in the tall grass, you can shoot arrows with your bow at your target, which will frighten him and make him come closer to you to find out where the shots are coming from. This technique allows you to weaken his health if you know that your murdering skills will not be sufficient to kill your victim on the spot.

Tip 6 – Dodge, roll and parry, the Spartan warrior’s mastery :

There are several subtleties that can reverse the course of a fight in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the control of dodges, rolls and parries is one of them. When an opponent is about to hit you and the light of the impact of his hit appears in white, you can make a parry (L1/R1 on PS4 and LB/RB on Xbox One), which will disorient your opponent and leave an opening in his guard. Be aware that at this point, your first strike inflicts 50% more damage!

On the other hand, if you see a red aura around your opponent or his attack, then there is no need to attempt a parry, as you will not be able to destabilize him. If you attempt a parry at that time you will take the damage head-on and you will be the one who will be disoriented! For this scenario, nothing beats a good dodge on the side and if you execute the dodge at the right time, the action will be slowed down except for your character who will be able to sequence a series of murderous blows on his opponents.

Archers are weak in close combat, but dangerous at a distance, you can reduce the gap between you and an archer by rolling in his direction. Instead of making a simple dodge by briefly pressing the square button (on ps4) or the B key (on Xbox One) you can let your finger press and hold this key to roll in the desired direction.

If you are facing an opponent with a shield, it is strongly recommended to activate the « shield breaker » warrior skill available on level 5 which allows you to pull the shield out of an opponent’s hands. If at level 1 of the skill you can only remove small shields, after improving it you will be able to remove all types of shields without restriction.

Tip 7 – activate the second wind skill without delay :

This skill must be your priority for the simple reason that it allows you to heal yourself! In AC Odyssey you get health points every time you use an offensive skill by consuming an adrenaline bridge over your opponents. But it is not enough to properly heal your character’s wounds. By activating the « second wind » skill, you allow your character to immediately recover 25% of these health points as soon as the skill is used. By improving this skill at level 3, it will allow you to heal 50% of your life bar as soon as it is used.

Tip 8 – Finish enemies with Sparta kick ability :

Very important ! If you are planning to recruit special lieutenants for your ship / boat Adrestia, do not kill your opponents with a lethal attack. You can either knock him out discreetly by being hidden in a bush or if you are caught in the middle of a fight with him, just finish him off with a good Sparta kick to knock him out instead of killing him. Which will then allow you to recruit him to join your creww ! Note that a weapon like the Nikolaos sword can improve the non-lethal damage of the Sparta kick by 20%.

Refer to our tip 1 on the Ikaros eagle for information on how to recruit the best special lieutenants for your ship the Adrestia in AC Odyssey.

Tip 9 – you can also restore the life points of your ship :

Well said as it sounds a little weird, but you can find health points for your ship in different ways as it is the case with your character in battle. You can board another ship that you have damaged enough to liquidate all its crew, which will raise the health points of your own ship, or you can sink a warship using a ramming attack, which will also restore the life points of your ship. 

Your special lieutenants have « engravings » as a base to reinforce the stats of your ship, they may have some that reinforce the « health » attributes of the Adrestia.

Tip 10 – A prime = a mercenary = reward and glory in return :

Crime pays, it seems, and that’s the case in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. By committing crimes, stealing things and terrorizing the rabble, there is a good chance that a prime will be placed on your head… That is not a bad thing in itself, because the more you eliminate mercenaries who come to kill you, the more you climb up the tiers. This allows you to earn permanent effects such as a reduction in the cost of the forge, better rewards in contract / bonus quests and much more.

There are 9 tiers to climb, each time you kill a mercenary with a higher level than you, you earn a place in the ranking. The goal is to reach the first level and become the most sought-after mercenary in all of Greece. This game in the game allows you to earn many rewards such as legendary equipment and unique engravings ! All mercenaries have two special skills visible on their biography in the « mercenary » menu that allow them to see bonuses and penalties. The bonus is to the advantage of the mercenary in question and the malus is something you can exploit to defeat him more easily.

Mercenaries appear as a red helmet on your HUD, when you see a red helmet it means that a mercenary is close and after you. You don’t have to kill a mercenary, you can also recruit him for your ship by simply knocking him out. Finally, note that a dead mercenary does not mean more peace for you, the more you will progress in the ranks and the more you will face it! A dead mercenary is always replaced by another, so don’t be surprised to see « undiscovered » in the lower echelons of your system, the ranking of this system is constantly changing!


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