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Apex Legends season 2 battle pass what’s new ?


End of season 1 of Apex Legends means the launch of the second season and of course the launch of a brand new battle pass. According to the EA and Respawn teams, they have been very attentive to the various feedback from the community to propose something much more solid with this second season.

We know, for example, that the rewards of the second battle pass will be less daunting to obtain with an experience system that has been reviewed in general terms. Thus, we can confirm that it will be easier to quickly reach level 100 of this new pass thanks to daily and weekly challenges that will be a source of XP points.

☆ Note – Before the launch of season 2 of Apex Legends, the EA and Respawn teams will be offering players a special event to wait. You will know all about the « legendary hunt » event by consulting this page : Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event before the launch of season 2.

Improved battle pass levels and progression :

Those who have difficulty keeping up with these challenges will have nothing to worry about as the weekly challenges will remain available throughout the season. That way if you are late or start the season along the way, you can still earn XP points for previous challenges that will remain active until you validate them.

The crafting metals will finally unlock the legendary :

Who hasn’t been saddened by the ridiculous gain of the crafting metals when opening an Apex pack? Well, things will change in season 2! It will be possible to win enough crafting metals (at least 1200 during season 2) to choose the legendary one you want. A skin of legends, a skin of weapons, it’s up to you! Note that if you have the battle pass, you can also obtain additional crafting metals by opening your Apex packs.

Even more legendary items to unlock in season 2 :

With the new pass, you can unlock even more legendary items than in Season 1, so that as soon as you buy you will get a first legendary item. You will get more at levels 25, 50, 75 and 100, and at level 100 you will also unlock a evolving weapon skin. If you push to level 110 (the maximum of the pass) you will get a specially recolored version of your evolving weapon skin.

New types of cosmetic items to unlock, say goodbye to badges and trackers statistics :

Badges and basic stats tracking disappear from the list of battle pass awards for season 2. There is always a seasonal badge to obtain, but it does not occupy reward spaces in the pass and will also be upgradeable again. Seasonal stats tracking will be well included in the free content and will be unlockable from the first 10 levels. Instead, you will find three new categories of awards that will be announced later.

In summary, here are the main new features for season 2 of Apex Legends game :

  1. Possibility to improve your level and your battle pass through daily and weekly challenges that will allow you to earn an additional amount of XP points and reach level 100 more quickly.
  2. You can now earn enough crafting metals during the season to unlock at least one legendary item.
  3. A legendary item unlocked at level 1 of the pass as well as another legendary item every 25 levels. With in addition the famous evolutive weapon skin at level 100 and recolor of this skin at level 110.
  4. Three new types of awards will replace badge and stats awards.

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