Call of Duty Mobile game blocked on the loading screen servers do not respond


The game Call of Duty Mobile is officially available and the least we can say is that the smartphone application is off to a pretty bad start. If you have recently launched the game on your mobile phone, you must have recognized the loading screen used to illustrate this page. The game blocks on this screen, preventing the user from simply playing. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem with your mobile! This is a problem with the game servers that are currently saturated due to too many players trying to connect at the same time. 

If you have the patient waiting long enough on this screen, the game will notify you that it cannot download the configuration files or the update and will prompt you to check your internet connection. Proof that Call of Duty Mobile can’t communicate with Tencent / Activision servers… the best thing left to do is to be patient while waiting for the development teams to solve the problem or for fewer players to try to connect to the servers. However, please note that if your device does not have the minimum required to start the application, you will be notified when it starts.


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