Why Death Stranding will not be released on Xbox One, but may be released on PC


Death Stranding on PS4, Xbox One and PC? Death Stranding is the next big game of « Kojima Productions » and especially the first studio title since the divorce between Hideo Kojima and the publisher Konami. With Death Stranding, development teams want to hit hard with a unique universe and game mechanics by introducing a high cast characters with celebrities like Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, Troy Baker and Guillermo del Toro. 

Death Stranding is also released on Xbox One?

Of course, when you’re called Hideo Kojima, some people don’t hesitate to take out the big monnaie. This is the case of Sony, for example, which has done a Deal with the creator to ensure Death Stranding’s console exclusivity. This means that the game has no chance of landing on Microsoft’s console (Xbox One). This is a definitive exclusivity, so if you only own the Xbox One and not the PS4 next door, you won’t be able to play Death Stranding when it is released on the market… Unless…

A possible release of Death Stranding on PC:

Indeed, the Sony X Kojima Productions deal mentions a definitive « console » exclusivity. There is nothing to prevent developers from later releasing the game on a PC. If you have a good PC at home, then you have a hope that Death Stranding will land on Steam (or the Epic Games platform?) later on. Information confirmed half-word by Antonio Fucito on Twitter before he retracted (he had already leak the release date before the time). According to his first message, the game would be exclusive to PS4 for a period of 6 or 12 months. This means that Death Stranding could also be released on PC after this exclusive period if it is not released on the Xbox One.


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