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What are the start and end dates of The Division 2’s open beta


We are only a few weeks away from the launch of The Division 2… The game is planned for Xbox One, PC and PS4 as of March 15, 2019. To be patient, players will be able to enjoy totally free access to the game’s beta. No need to pre-order, no need to have an access key, just download the game (at least the trial version) on the platform of your choice to enjoy it for an entire weekend.

The content proposed by Ubisoft’s teams for this test session is relatively attractive and will give fans and newcomers a good idea of what Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has to offer in terms of main and side activities with single player and multiplayer content. We will show you in detail below the content of this trial version. For now, let’s look at the start and end dates of The Division 2’s open beta.

When does The Division 2’s open beta start and when does it end (the dates) ?

The open beta will start on a Friday and will certainly be entitled to a pre-download to allow everyone to be ready for the launch day of this trial version of the game. Here are the start and end dates for the open beta :

  • Launch of The Division 2 beta on March 1, 2019
  • End of The Division 2 beta on March 4, 2019

What is the content / missions and activities available in the open beta of The Division 2 ?

On the program, single-player missions, multiplayer cooperative missions or even players against players, with an « end game » mission at the end.

  • Access to 3 main missions of The Division 2 including one exclusive to the closed beta.
  • Access to 5 missions in an open world with checkpoints and various activities.
  • PvP multiplayer in the dark zone on the EAST side.
  • PvP skirmish mode in 4 Vs 4.
  • 1 invasion mission « End Game ».
  • 3 character specializations to discover.



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