Pokemon Masters Is it possible to play the game without being connected to the Internet ?


Here is the big question of the day, is it possible to play Pokemon Masters without necessarily being connected to internet. More and more mobile games require a permanent connection, and this for various reasons that convenience developers / publishers to the great dismay of some users who do not always have access to an outdoor Internet connection and who would still like to be able to continue their game without necessarily being connected to the servers of these games. 

This is a topic we are looking at in this article and it will certainly interest you if you are closely following the new Pokemon Masters on iOS or Android or if you have just discovered it. As a reminder, this role-playing game will attempt a new approach in the Pokemon series by putting Pokemon and trainers equal. Thus the trainers from the four corners of the globe (understand by that all the Pokémon regions known to date) came to the Passio region especially for the great league « World Pokémon Masters », they take a very important part in this episode. 

Your role is to befriend these trainers and their Pokémon (and yours of course) to win badges by crossing the different places of Passio and thus become the master of this artificial island.

Does Pokemon Masters require a permanent internet connection?

Unfortunately, and like many games before it, Pokemon Masters will require a permanent internet connection. If you try to launch the application on your iOS or Android mobile without being connected to the internet, the game will return an error message and prompt you to try again after you are connected to an access point. So you will understand that yes, you must have a permanent internet connection on your mobile to be able to play the new Pokemon Masters.


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