Octopath Traveler how to reduce the number of random battles (avoid random encounters)


This is something that will jump out at you after you have spent your first few hours on the land of Orsterra. The number of random fights (random encounters) to which Octopath Traveler exposes you. Take 10 to 20 steps and you’re guaranteed to start a fight. Yet there is a way to reduce the number of random battles in Octopath Traveler… If you don’t know how to do it, we explain it here!

How to avoid random battles in Octopath Traveler :

There are two possibilities, either by including a certain member in the team or by choosing a secondary job for one of your characters. For the character, it is Cyrus, teach him at least 4 skills to be able to activate with him the ability to support « Evasive Maneuvers » that will allow you to reduce by half the frequency of random fights. If you do not wish to use Cyrus as a member of your team then you can add to one of your characters the Scholarly job that will allow you to learn the support skill Evasive Maneuvers. You will be able to obtain the Scholar secondary job by visiting the Western Noblecourt Flats which. You will find a cave that hosts the Shrine of the Sage.

By activating the skill, Evasive Maneuvers with Cyrus or as a secondary class, you will immediately reap the benefits. You can explore and travel greater distances without being harassed by the battles of the game. It won’t completely reduce the frequency, but it’ll be much better already ! For those who wonder, there are no consumables to reduce the number of random encounters in Octopath Traveler.


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